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To paraphrase a well known quote,
"I can only hope to be the person that my pet thinks that I am".

 All I know is that I am a better human being for having such wonderful creatures enrich my life. I became a groomer because of my love for animals and I am very fortunate to have so many loving four legged clients !



Who We Are

We Offer TenderSandra Loving Care To Your Pet

Safe, clean grooming area where your pet is pampered and treated with kindness.

All we need is a place to park!


Sandra Guerguy,
LPS founder and owner provides quality grooming for your pets from her self-contained van customized by Wag'n Tails.


Info, Updates, and Facebook

To read about helpful tips and information about your pets, check out Sandra's Corner. Or visit my Facebook page for fun posts and updates that will put a smile on your face.




About Grooming

Le Paw Spa VanGrooming isn’t just for the Poodles and Yorkies of the world. While small dogs with luxurious coats of hair and extravagant haircuts are generally what comes to mind when you think of grooming, in fact all dogs can benefit from a routine grooming program.

How often your dog should be groomed depends on the  breed, hair type, and activity level. At it’s most basic level, grooming is the process of bathing the dog, trimming the coat, brushing out, clipping nails and generally cleaning and giving your dog a “spa day”. It is important that your dog's various grooming needs be attended to on a regular basis. Because coat care is only one part of the grooming process, even short hair dogs can greatly benefit from the occasional spa day.

Reference - Professorshouse.com

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Our Advantages

01 Kind and Convenient

We arrive to your home or place of business.
No more dragging you pet in the car to get groomed!

02 Caring Mobile Service

Top of the line mobile facility that requires no power or water from you!

03 Experienced

Years of loving and grooming with the added confidence of a certified professional.


large dog

Did You Know?

We have been grooming pets for over 5 years with a A+ rating!



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