Ten Years! 2005-2015

This June marked ten years as a grooming professional with my own business. Ten years??!!!  Where does the Time go? In retrospect, I should have been a pet professional when I first decided on a career, but Life has a way of leading one down different paths.( My previous paths were retailing and education)

I have been blessed with some fabulous clients who have helped me grow both personally and professionally. What have I learned?

1. Pets, like students are all different and should be treated as such. ( That goes for their haircuts!! These are popular cuts in Taiwan; the geometric cut!)

2. Grooming is a lot harder than it appears. (more about that comment in a later post!)

3. Pets, like students will have good and bad days so my planned schedule is subject to change! ( Change happens whether one likes it or not!)

4. Adding diverse skills to my toolbox; I am not just a pet groomer, but I am a public relations person, a trainer (to  both 2 and 4 legged variety) ; a driver, a mechanic ( not really but at least I can do a few things without blowing up my van!Plus I have a very talented mechanic! ... no, not my husband!), a vet tech of sorts ( I observe things about your pet that you might not see and always recommend that you take your pet to a vet in such cases!) and a host of other skills too numerous to mention.

5. If something can go wrong; it will...... so deal with it and with calm manner.

6. AZ Summers are like living in Hell only hotter so start EARLY!

7. Express gratitude daily for the pets and owners who use my service!

I am certain that I have learned many more things but I do not wish to bore you dear reader. Just know that it is good to wake up and start another day doing something that I love!


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